July 16, 2008

Pointer To C++ Class Methods; Or Should You Call ’em “Method Pointers”?

This one is after a real long break from blogs :).
Function pointer is pretty commonplace among C/C++ developers unlike “pointer to C++ class methods.” For those who have never used it or even heard of it; it really is very similar to “Function Pointer” from outside, though its internal mechanism is entirely different and its syntax is quite ugly. So, without much literature, let’s see how one would make a pointer to a C++ method. Before that, let’s review the usual function pointer of C a little bit:

// define a function type FUNCTION that takes int and char* as argument

typedef int (*FUNCTION) (int, char*);

// Declare a funciton pointer f of type FUNCTION

// and make f point to some function that takes int and char* as argument.

FUNCTION f = some_function;

// Simply call the function with an int and char* argument


So that’s how function pointers are dealt in C. Following is a snippet that shows how to declare a function pointer that points to a method of a C++ class and then finally shows how to call that method via the function pointer (or “method pointer,” if you like to call it that way):



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