September 17, 2007

Can a Office Space Have “Karma”?

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I’m not a superstitious guy by any means but there are few things that never fail to intrigue me; they keep me pondering “does it really work that way?” Even at times I find myself doing things, rather subconsciously, I believe would bring me better luck just because it produced better results in the past. This would even include something as unrelated and silly as using “one particular type of” pen for my univ exams. Every time I thought it was mere stupid I would very soon find convincing myself “there’s nothing wrong in using this particular pen; and just in case it brings luck, you never know.” At other times, these things don’t really seem all that unrelated as they apparently do. For example, using “a particular type of” pen actually would make me more comfortable while writing and hence wouldn’t infuriate me during a lengthy exam; and my result vastly depended on the variation of my mood along the length of the exam.

I just came to know about one particular office building which has gained some name as having good “karma!” I didn’t know that companies like Google, PayPal and LogiTech kicked off as toddlers from the same office space! Can a office space really posses luck? Read this and be intrigued.


September 1, 2007

Interesting search strings for google

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Thanks a lot to Wasif who showed me these nice google search strings, whereby you can search stuffs on pages which you cannot access normally. For example you want to have a full mp3 song list of say Bryan Adams to be downloaded straight; you can use one of this search strings which will find the “index” pages that usually contain all the songs as normal file entries. Usually these index pages are not accessible from any websites. And guess what, it works and I already downloaded loads of stuffs :). Try it out :).

PS: If you know more google tricks, please let me know :).

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