August 28, 2007

Be Eclectic With Google Reader !

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First of all let me thank Tahmid Bhai for introducing me with Google Reader. Since then I have kind of fallen in love with this yet-another-google-masterpiece (YAGM :p). The “My Shared Items” that you can see on the widget bar (Left or Right of this page, depending on the current theme) is just a manifestation of the Google Reader.

So if you are wondering what Google Reader is; It is a YAGM (btw, it’s my own term; if you are pondering) whereby you can subscribe to any number of blogs, RSS feeds and etc etc and can read each and every entry from one place. Whenever a blog gets updated, your Google Reader will notify you. You can also “Share” or “Bookmark” certain blog entries, which you find worth reading or interesting, and let other people have a peek at your “Shared” list too. This shared list of Blog entries can also be made into a RSS feed and displayed anywhere else: the “My Shared Items” on this page demonstrates just that. So whenever I “Share” one more entry from my Google Reader, this RSS (“My Shared Items”) gets updated automatically. It’s very cool, isn’t it ? :). It helps you to have an eclectic collection of blog entries in one place.

I don’t want to stretch more on Google Reader as the details are all blogged down here.


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  1. real cool tool
    didn’t know abt it b4 :(.

    Will be using it from now on 🙂

    Comment by Shams — August 28, 2007 @ 3:18 pm | Reply

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