August 30, 2007

1 Man with Visionary and 13 Men Made the Difference

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IdThis is for people who are genuinely interested in games. Even if you are not you are still most welcome aboard to be inspired by the tale of 13 men and 1 with visionary; the one who when speaks makes the game industry sit back and listen. This is the tale of John Carmack and his id software.



August 28, 2007

Be Eclectic With Google Reader !

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First of all let me thank Tahmid Bhai for introducing me with Google Reader. Since then I have kind of fallen in love with this yet-another-google-masterpiece (YAGM :p). The “My Shared Items” that you can see on the widget bar (Left or Right of this page, depending on the current theme) is just a manifestation of the Google Reader.


August 24, 2007

A Little C/C++ Recipe You Can Live Without Knowing :)

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Yes, read this if you are kind of bored or probably want to be too fussy about “How things work?” Have you ever wondered how compilers know how many instances of a class had been previously allocated when delete [] is called; because delete [] might have to traverse through each of the object and call their destructor. So it must be running some kind of loop right? But where does the compiler get the number of instances?

August 16, 2007

What Makes You a Good C/C++ Coder?

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Simple answer to this, perhaps, million dollar question is “Experience.” Now that’s vague enough to be applied to every other language on the planet. So what really does make someone a good C/C++ coder. Btw, do not even dare asking this question to Bjarne Stroustrup or Dennis Ritchie or perhaps guys like Linus Torvald 🙂 since they surely have their own definition of being “good” which comprise only themselves :).

Following is an excerpt of an email that I wrote to someone suggesting him which areas to explore to attend an interview for the game dev team at ReliSource Ltd:


August 14, 2007

15 years to glory – wxWidget!

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1992, a guy from University of Edinburg was given the task to design a CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tool to be run in both Windows and Linux system. At that point in time only a few cross platform GUI APIs were available and were very expensive for an university to spend on an in-house experimental tool. But that didn’t stop Julian Smart from designing his CASE tool. He realized that a cross-platform GUI has to be developed first and eventually wxWidget was conceived. Its is probably one of the most talked about Open-Source project after Linux itself !


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